Upcoming Events where you can meet our clients!
Due to the pandemic from COVID-19, please be aware that events are being cancelled and postponed often. Please keep checking here for updates. As soon as we get changes in the schedule, we update this page.  Thanks for your patience, and we hope everyone is happy, healthy, and safe. See you on the road soon! 

Until we get back on the road, we hope you will join us for our digital fan events! Get video meet and greets, autographs, and personal video greetings here: 
Oaks, PA - October 22-24 
Carl Thibault (Fri-Sun)
Michael Reid MacKay (Fri-Sun)
Lisa Fuller (Fri-Sun)
Andrew Divoff (Fri-Sun)
Tammy Lauren (Fri-Sun)
Kassie DePaiva (Fri-Sun)

Dylan McDermott (Fri-Sat)
Annabeth Gish (Fri-Sun)
   Dee Wallace (Fri-Sun)
Scott MacDonald (Fri-Sun)
Danny Pintauro (Fri-Sun)
Billy Zane (Fri-Sun)
Lisa Zane (Fri-Sun)
Henry Thomas (Fri-Sun)
Dee Wallace (Fri-Sun)
Robert Macnaughton (Fri-Sun)
Danny Pintauro (Fri-Sun)
Andrew Divoff (Fri-Sun)
Alex Essoe (Fri-Sun)
December 10-12 - Pittsburgh, PA
   Dylan McDermott (Fri-Sat)
   Lance Reddick (Fri-Sun)
    George Wendt (Fri-Sun)
Andrew Divoff (Sat-Sun)
Lisa Zane (Sat-Sun)